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See Australia the way it was meant to be seen. Raw, Natural and Beautiful.


Meet The Team

We are the wanderers and the adventurers, the conquerors of untrodden land. We are the ones who light the nights with stars and dream every day of new sights and sounds. We are the gate keepers to a world of beauty, endurance and fragility. With the vastness of the Australian landscape at our fingertips, we experience the extraordinary every day.



Martin is the straight talking owner of Adventure Australia Treks & Tours. He’s spent his life travelling across outback Australia, and has made it a priority to encourage other people to do the same.  To empower people to get their tyres dirty, Martin launched Adventure Australia Treks & Tours in 2012 and now helps guests discover remote Australia with 4WD tours across Australia’s States and Territories.



If you’ve got a question, we guarantee Mark will have the answer.  He’s Adventure Australia Treks & Tours walking encyclopaedia, who loves a yarn as much as he loves a good laugh.  Within two minutes of chat, he’ll convert you to red soil, endless horizons and prove to you why giving up phone reception is not that bad after all.



Alex is the kind of guy you’d like to be stuck on a deserted island with.  Firstly, he can tell a damn good story, he’s an experienced driver in remote off-road territory and he’s a diesel mechanic to boot!  Alex is an adventure addict, and has successfully turned his passion for off-roading from a hobby into a career.



With a catch phrase “life’s an adventure”, Paul lives and breathes the Adventure Australia Treks & Tours promise.  He’s the very definition of a BCF man (boating, camping and fishing) and has spent the past 25 years sailing the east coast of Australia, restoring boats and studying Aboriginal culture and heritage.  You’re guaranteed to come away informed and educated after discovering Australia with Paul.



Sally is more at home behind the wheel of a 4WD that the passenger seat.  When she’s not 4WDing, she’s camping, and when she’s not on dry land, she’s diving the Great Barrier Reef.  Her mantra is “bucket lists should be ticked” and has set lofty goals to see the entire world, starting with every corner of Australia first.  Her sense of adventure and enthusiasm is contagious – so you’ve been warned if you are travelling with Sally.



Tony is a modern day bushman, who is more at home with his tyre treads in the sand than his toes.  From his Cairns base, he makes an annual pilgrimage to the tip and loves to share his passion for some of the most remote parts of Australia.  If you want to hear a good story, just ask Tony about the time he and his family travelled around Australia in just a 4WD and a tent.


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